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{making art with printables white christmas} Christmas ornaments by Cathy Frailey

Season's Greetings everyone! Christmas is right around the corner and I've been making ornaments using the White Christmas Printable Paper Pack! Easy to do and the kids can join in, too!

I used Photoshop to open up the papers. Then I made my ornaments using the crop tool in the cookie cutter setting. There are different shapes and types to choose from. I also added a border around them before printing to make them easier to cut out. You can resize them to make some large and some small.

Once they're printed, cut them out. You can print on regular paper instead of cardstock because you're going to adhere them to thin cardboard to make them sturdier. I took an empty cereal box, used a tape runner to adhere them onto the cardboard, and then cut them out. Cereal box or any type food box is good to use because it's easiest to cut out yet sturdy enough.

All that's left to do is embellishing!  You can use glitter, embossing powders, flocking - whatever you want! 

They are so adorable! You could also use them as tags on your gifts as well or on homemade Christmas cards but I like them as ornaments!

I used crystal lacquer and fine glitter on the deer.

The snowflake has peacock embossing powder for beautiful color and sparkle.

This larger bell has gilding and glitter, while the smaller one has embossing powder and flocking.

The double mounted star has crystal lacquer and embossing powder. 

And this double mounted star has a touch of pink flocking. 

I hope it inspires you to create your own pack of ATCs!  
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Julia Cotrim disse...

How lovely your ornaments turned out Cathy! Thank you so much for the inspiration! :)